Peters Township Basketball Association: Recreational & Travel Basketball for youth Boys & Girls

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The Peters Township Basketball Association (PTBBA) provides competitive opportunities to boys and girls in grades 3rd through 8th. These opportunities allow children to try out for teams that are identified as Travel Basketball Teams. Not all children that try out are selected for these teams. The association can typically accommodate up to 2 teams per grade level for both girls and boys. If there are enough participants, the teams are picked as an “A” level team and a “B” level team and are registered to participate in the appropriate leagues. The exception is at the 3rd and 4th grade level. These teams are picked and divided into 2 equal teams.

Participation in travel basketball requires a serious commitment from the player and the family. Players can participate in games and/or practices as many as 3 to 4 days per week. The leagues require some travel to away game sites, typically in the South Hills area but not restricted to the South Hills. Some away locations require nominal fees for parents/family members attending these games.

The PTBBA hosts a Holiday tournament, held the week after Christmas, and parents of travel players are required to support the tournament, as volunteers to assist with numerous tasks.



The girl’s season begins each year with tryouts in September or October, followed by the beginning of practice in October. League games typically begin in mid-November and the season runs through March. The teams often participate in 2 leagues, as well as numerous tournaments throughout the year.


The boy’s season begins each year with tryouts in October, followed by the beginning of practice in late October/November. League games typically begin in early December and the season runs through March. The teams will participate in 2 leagues, as well as numerous tournaments throughout the year.

UNIQUE USER ID (used for travel try-outs)

In order to maintain player anonymity during the try-out process, each player is assigned a unique PTBBA User ID during registration.  This unique ID number is used to maintain player confidentiality during try-outs and for posting of player rosters.  The User ID can be found on your child's profile page in the PTBBA registration system.   CLICK HERE for instructions on how to find your unique User ID.


The success of these programs is based on the volunteers and parents that "step up" to act as coaches.  To be permitted to work or volunteer in any capacity with the PTBBA and to be in compliance with the Peters Township and State of Pennsylvania Policies all volunteers must complete and pass the required background screenings.  To be in compliance with the State of Pennsylvania you must follow the instructions on the Peters Township Recreation Board site.

CLICK HERE for specific clearance process information!

Individuals must submit all required clearances & documentation to the PTBBA Documentation Coordinator prior to any routine involvement in any capacity.  Materials can be forwarded either electronically or by hard copy. 

Email electronically to:   



The PTBBA expects all parents participating in the program as coaches and fans to follow the guidelines established by the Recreation Department relative to behavior. The recreation program is designed to allow children to participate in basketball in an environment that allows them to have an enjoyable experience. Every attempt will be made to create evenly distributed teams. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure the games are played with a high level of sportsmanship. It’s about the kids, not the parents.